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2 min readDec 27, 2021

We present the awards of the week.

Today the awards ceremony took place! 🏆 There are the winners of the previous week’s contests.

[strong applause]

Santa Cow Arrival

Santa Cow was in our community handing out gifts to the most creative cards on our Discord server. The winners are:

Hunter — $25 in COW
elioperez — $12.5 in COW
tigra — $12.5 in COW

Friday’s Trivia

🏆 The winners of this Friday’s trivia on Discord are:
(Discord username)


Each earned $5 in $MILK

Discord Leaderboard

🏆 The winner of the CashCow Leaderboard on Discord are:
(Discord username)


Each earned $10 in $MILK


Skill Test Weekend

🏆 The winners of the skill test weekend are:
(Telegram username)

🥇Game 1: Angelica — Score: 1842
🥇Game 2: Karla — Score: 12854
🥇Game 3: J Salvador — Score: 82118

Each earned $15 in $COW


🏆 The next week’s dynamics are:
- CashCow Leaderboard
- Friday Trivia
- Skill tests
Christmas Aidrop

📲 Stay tuned

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