CashCow Farm Beta Launch

Beta test will be released on November the 5th.

CashCow Protocol
2 min readOct 28, 2022

Dear members of the CashCow community, we are excited to announce that the CashCow Farm beta launch will start on November 5.

We are ready to show the community the progress on the game development.

CashCow Farm

In the next feature of the protocol, users will be able to own a virtual farm and cattle in a game based on NFT and blockchain technology.

The $MILK tokens can be earned by farming cows and you can use them to mint new NFTs by breeding or buy them on the NFT market.

Beta Launch

We are pleased to announce that the CashCow Farm will be available to be tested by the Legendary Members from November 5. During the Beta test there will be a rewards system for goals achieved by the contributors.

On this stage, members could help on the game development by searching bugs, contracts failures and improvement ideas, aiming for the delivery of a better product to CashCow community.
To take participation on the testing, Legendary Members should submit a ticket support with the Wallet Address on our discord server.

(There is no need to unstake any token for the verification).

If you want to know more about the protocol and its features read CashCow’s Whitepaper.

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