CashCow Farm sneak peek: Highland Breed NFTs

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3 min readMay 28, 2022


Attention on the farm, the Highland cow are coming!

It’s the turn of the Highland cows to crown, the hairiest cows of the whole farm, let’s meet them.

Highland Breed

Highland cattle are descended from the Hamitic longhorn breed, which was brought to UK lands by Neolithic farmers in the second millennium BC, when cattle migrated northward through Africa and Europe.

In fact, they have an unusual double coat of hair. On the outside is the oily outer coat, the longest of all cattle breeds, which covers a soft undercoat. This makes them suitable for the conditions of these lands, with strong winds and continuous rainfall.


In the CashCow Farm Game there will be 5 possible cow and bull rarities, including Highland breed, which can contribute from 2 to 13 MilkPower points to the productive power of the farm in the case of cows. In the case of bulls, they may be used to create new NFTs according to their rarity.

Ideal land

To increase their production and happiness, Highland cows should ideally inhabit the “Mountains” lands of the Farm Game, receiving a 50% bonus (MilkPowerBonus 1.5x) on their base Milkpower when grazing on these NFT lands.

MilkPower bonus from collectible NFTs

The NFT Genesis holding greatly improves the base MilkPower of all cow types, including Highland, by providing a 50% bonus on their base MilkPower (MilkPowerBonus 1.5x).

The Happy Cows NFT holding provides a 50% bonus on the base MilkPower of the NFT cows. The difference with the Genesis NFTs is that the happy cows only provide the bonus for the NFT cows of the same breed.

For example, if you own an Highland Happy Cow, all your Highland cows will enjoy the 50% bonus on their base MilkPower (MilkPowerBonus 1.5x).

How to get Highland Breed NFTs?

There are three different ways of getting Highland NFTs.

Packs Sale

Highland NFTs will be available randomly in the pre-sale of NFTs Packs in the Farm Game.

About the WhiteListing and sale of Packs:


Highland cows can also be obtained by crossbreeding Highland cows with Highland bulls, thus guaranteeing a 100% birth rate of a Highland cow. In case of being parents of different breeds, the probability decreases by half, resulting in a 50% probability of obtaining a new Highland NFT.

NFT Marketplace

Highland cows will also be traded directly in the CashCow Protocol Marketplace after the launch of the Farm Game.

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