CashCow Genesis NFT Sale

Tomorrow November 20th at 18 UTC the public sale of the Genesis NFT will start on the AirNFT NFT Marketplace. Are you going to be left out?

CashCow Protocol
3 min readNov 19, 2021


This is what our community has been anxiously waiting for! Tomorrow’s event will bring Stage 2 of the Roadmap to an end:

The sale of the first CashCow Protocol Crypto-Art Collection.

The CashCow Genesis NFT has a very low supply, these are the most precious and valued assets by the Community.

Maximum mintage: 100 units.

100 CashCow Genesis NFTs, of which, only 10 are memes created by the community itself, these NFTs were given away and delivered to the community in different activities, contests and games rewarding the most active community members and also those with greater commitment to the project.

The distribution of these 10 CashCow Genesis NFTs were as follows:

The winners of the NFT Competition:

#1 First Retweets Competition: Anryuk
#2 Raffle among Community Ambassadors: Amadeux
#3 Contest among Educated Community Holders: Daniel Portillo
#4 Most Active Community Member on Telegram: LysLeal
#5 Most Active Community Member on Discord: Hulk
#6 Raffle among Community Farmers Holders: Xavp
#7 Raffle between Community Holders: Vostok
#8 Second Retweet Sweepstakes: M3tr3r0
#9 Drawing among Early Community Holders: El Viejo
#10 Raffle among Community Ambassadors: Luna

Additionally, there are another 90 CashCow Genesis NFT, made by a professional artist, which will grant their Holder the rank of Legendary Member amongst the community. Each of these Artistic NFT’s were done in between 4 and 6 hours of work.

Want to feel the power of a CashCow Genesis NFT? Want to be one of the 200 Legendary community members?

Become one of the top landowners in the CashCow Protocol Farm Game world. By owning a CashCow Genesis NFT you start the game with a uncommon gift pack, and you can also buy your rare pack in the pre-sale, as you will remain on the community’s legendary member whitelist.

And not only that, those who are Legendary Members in the community will also have access to the VIP Discord channel and will be considered for Beta testing of the protocol developments.

The value of CashCow Genesis NFT is determined by their historical significance, rarity and the benefits they grant their holders. In addition, CashCow Genesis NFT holders will also be eligible to participate in airdrops, giveaways and other use cases we plan to develop in the future.

The scheduled date for the sale of the CashCow Genesis NFTs is Saturday, November 20 at 18:00 UTC. Only 90 NFTs will go on sale, each with its own design, they are all unique and unrepeatable.

The calculated value of the CashCow Genesis NFTs was done by this simple rule: How much does it cost to be among the TOP 100 COW holders and to be a Legendary member?

To answer that question, the calculated value was 2 BNB. However, the team defined a promotional price with a 25% discount during the first 6 hours of sale, its value during this period will be 1.5 BNB, and from 00:00 UTC on Sunday 21 they will be priced at 2 BNB.

🔗 Where to buy them? You will be able to buy them at the AirNFT Marketplace

How will the money be used? The funds raised during the sale of the CashCow Genesis NFTs will be reinvested in the protocol as follows:

* Percentages are for reference only and may be slightly modified.

We wish you the best in this public sale in which everyone will have the same conditions and opportunities to buy!

Greetings from the CashCow Protocol team.

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