CashCow Governance: Upcoming implementations on Monday 14th

The implementation of two proposals that have a major impact on the operation of our decentralized finance application will be released on Monday March 14.


The initiative of this proposal is to increase $MILK token use cases, using the technology of our partner Gol Finance, we propose to create a new MILK-BNB pool with Gol Liquidity Provider Token (GLP).

The new pool will be available in the “Farms” section of our DApp

You can review the proposal at SnapShot:

Reduce the emission of MILK

In order to reduce the inflation of $MILK, it would be convenient to reduce the issuance rate of MilkPerBlock.

With the potential to positively impact the price of the token, reduce inflation and increase its scarcity of the token, this significant reduction in the amount of $MILK being created each day is posited.

You can review the proposal at SnapShot:

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