CashCow leaderboard Awards, Activity and trivia.

We announce the reactivation of our Activity Awards event on Discord and now also on Telegram, we want to continue rewarding the trust and permanence of our members in our social networks, actively participating in any of our Discord channels and our English Telegram group to win weekly $MILK prizes, the opportunity to win $MILK token to buy CashCow NFT Collectibles or purchase packs for our NFT Play To earn game.

🎁We will reward the 10 most active users each week, 5 winners on Discord and 5 on Telegram.🎁

(Telegram 5 Prizes, Discord 5 Prizes): 10 weekly prizes of $5 in $MILK 🎁

Participate in Activity Awards within our community spaces:

We are pleased to announce this week’s winners at the “Activity Awards”, we are very happy to share daily with all the people who attend the Discord server, we want everyone in our community to feel comfortable, supported and listened to so that together we can build CashCow Protocol and let’s not stop moving forward.

🎁🎁🎁 Congratulations to the winners. 🎁🎁🎁






Winners please open a support ticket on the channel 『🚩』support-ticket on Discord and write your bsc address inside the ticket to receive the prize. Thank you for participating in the “CashCow Leaderboard”. With this announcement we also start week “2" of the Activity Awards.

Please avoid abusing the event, spam is not allowed and is punishable without prior notice, if spam is recurrent, a disqualification of that member will occur.

We also congratulate the winners of the weekly trivia on discord, who proved to be interested and up-to-date with the CashCow Protocol news:




🎁@Make It Easy

🎁@Adrian. mahe

You are all invited to participate every Friday in Discord trivia on our server..

Stay tuned to the official CashCow Protocol channels for activities and contests where you can win $MILK tokens that you can save to purchase CashCow NFT P2E game packs.

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