CashCow NFTs staking is coming soon! How will we use this to earn passive yield.

“The rise of non-fungible tokens and blockchain technology means the future of the web is now.”

Non-fungible tokens are unique digital assets and cannot be replaced by other tokens. They are used to create digital scarcity, which has an impact on how we think about ownership, identity and value.

The “Staking NFT Feature” will be released soon.

At CashCow Protocol we work to use and apply technology to the financial products we offer, especially NFTs, which are very scarce and have a very important intrinsic value for the protocol.

Image of Beta Dapp 1

Very soon, owners of CashCow NFTs will be able to see their assets multiply thanks to the launch of the “Staking NFTs” feature within the CashCow Protocol decentralized finance App. This new feature will allow CashCow holders to stake their NFTs and passively generate $MILK token by staking their Genesis NFT and Happy Cows NFT.

Image of Beta Dapp 2

Security is an issue of utmost importance for the Protocol because our goal is to offer safe and sustainable products where the investment is protected and producing benefits for its owners, for that reason we are running extensive beta tests before the launch of the new use case for the CashCow NFT .

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