CashCow Protocol, a safe project to invest.

Investment security is an issue that has caused controversy lately around blockchain security, some projects in the ecosystem that we inhabit turned out to be insecure projects where they have often emptied the capital of the tokens, seriously harming their investors and the trust that they have in blockchain technology in general.

At CashCow Protocol we are and we make a difference, our smart contracts were audited by one of the companies with the best reputation in blockchain security and proved to be reliable for investment; The Certik company carried out an exhaustive review that lasted approximately one month and where they tested the security of our smart contracts to the limit, to which they gave a (variable) score of 96 out of 100 security points.

CashCow Protocol remains in the top 5 of the safest projects in the Binance Smart Chain, even reaching the first place in the entire Certik leaderboard.

You can check the status of the SkyNet service and the complete CashCow audit on the Certik website:


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