CashCow Protocol Activity Awards!🥇🥈🥉

¡IT´S AMAZING!, At the farm we love to see how the community is filling up with great people who want to invest and have fun at the same time.

At CashCow Protocol we reward your activity on our networks! We announce the start of the “Activity Awards” on our Discord server weekly and monthly prizes to the most active members of the entire server because we believe that your time has value and we want to reward it.

You can earn weekly and monthly prizes for your activity on all of our Discord channels :

🎁Prizes for the 5 most active users of the server each week and the 3 most active of the month.

Weekly prizes: 5

🏅 $10 in $MILK

🏅 $10 in $MILK

🏅 $10 in $MILK

🏅 $10 in $MILK

🏅 $10 in $MILK

Monthly Prizes: 3

🥇Gold: $25 in $COW

🥈Silver: $15 in $COW

🥉Bronze: $10 in $COW

Join our server and participate in the CashCow Protocol Activity Awards:

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