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4 min readNov 14, 2021


🟢General Summary🟢

We begin by expressing our gratitude to our community, which continues to grow and establish more defined investment goals. We continue to increase the number of holders in both tokens, CashCow Token and Milk Token, which has aroused special interest this week among new members of CashCow Protocol.

It has been a lively week where the values of the previous week have risen in Cow and Milk, the latter doubling its price. Patience and holding is giving good results, many are already seeing their profits as a reality, even so, they remain waiting to improve them, this is the idea. A promising future awaits us.

We are on the verge of the sale of CashCow Genesis NFT, this will be the last point to be accomplished to close definitively stage 2 of our roadmap. You will find the details of this event below.

We are therefore 95% of the way to the proposed objectives.

Also, as always, we would like to congratulate the entire CashCow Protocol team and the community for their excellent work and constant support.

🟡About the Community🟡

🔶Some general statistics (7d) of our main social networks🔶

▪️ Telegram in English Members: 7355 (-2%) ⬇️
▪️ Telegram in Spanish Mermbers: 4762 (+3.4%) ⬆️
▪️ Members on the Discord server: 5936 (+5.2%)⬆️
▪️ Followers on Twitter in English: 4756 (+5.2 %) ⬆️

🔴 Statistics of Cashcow Token🔴

▪️ Máx Supply: $ 2,000,000 COW (100%)
▪️ Burn Address: 1,101,418 $COW (55.5%)
▪️Total Supply: 898,582 $COW (44.5%)
▪️ Market Cap: $2,953,319 (+14.3% 7d)⬆️
▪️ Volume in 24 hours: $16,280
▪️ Volume in 7 days: $232,100
▪️ Holders: 8,281 (-0,7% 7d) ⬇️

🟣 Marketing activities 🟣

Some of the activities carried out during the past week were:

▪️We were listed on Defi Llama.

▪️We continue to execute our marketing strategy through influencers and have been featured on Youtube channels such as: CriptoMoi, RoRo, AntraxTeck NFT, CriptoGary, Shooterino.

▪️ We call the holders contest, where we draw the last 3 of the 10 memes that belong to the 100 Genesis NFTs (10 + 90) that will make their holders legendary members of the community. The 3 winners will be announced this Sunday on our main social networks. Next week, the 90 for art design will be released.

Some of the activities that will take place over the course of the next week will be:

▪ More videos on YouTube and streaming on Twitch.

▪ Collaborations with Twitter, Instagram and TikTok influencers.

▪ Advertising and broadcasting through other digital media.

▪️ We will continuously continue to carry out activities, raffles and games 📲.

🟠Roadmap Development🟠

The event that will take place the following Saturday will conclude Stage 2 of the Roadmap. It is the sale of the first collection of CashCow Protocol crypto-assets.

CashCow Genesis NFTs, very low supply, are the most precious and valued assets of the Community.

Made by a professional artist, each NFT is between 4 and 6 hours of work, and whoever owns any of them will be a member of the Legendary community, allowing them to get a free uncommon pack and be on the whitelist for purchasing 1 of each pack at the time of the pre-sale of packs for the Farm Game. Plus you will have many more benefits in the future.

We have scheduled the sale date for Saturday, November 20th at 18:00 UTC. Only 90 NFTs will go on sale, each one with its own design, they are all unique and different.

The value calculated for the CashCow Genesis NFTs was done by this simple rule: How much does it cost to be among the TOP 100 COW holders and to be a Legendary member?

Answering that question, the calculated value was 2 BNB. However, the team defined a promotional price with a 25% discount during the first 6 hours of sale, its value during this period will be 1.5 BNB.

Where to buy them? You will be able to buy them on the AirNFT NFTs Marketplace.

How will the money raised be used? The funds raised during the sale of CashCow Genesis NFTs will be reinvested in the protocol as follows:

* These percentages are just a reference and might be slightly modified


️ The fourth $MILK burn has taken place, 434,286 $MILK have been burned this time, leaving a total of 2,435,068 $MILK burned to date.

▪️ Ambassador Program: We have finished writing our new Ambassador Program 2.0 based on Agile methodology / scrums and sprints. The form is reopened.

▪️ Referral Program: We started the verification process once the program was closed on October 31, this process is estimated to last at least 2 weeks from this moment. Read more.

Best regards, CashCow Protocol🐮 team.

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