📣CashCow Protocol — Weekly🐮

Find out about the advances of CashCow Protocol 🐮

🟢General Summary🟢

First of all, a warm welcome to those 4000+ new holders who have invested in the project the past week.

This week we’ve managed to achieve some very important objectives, getting closer and closer to ending Stage 2 of our roadmap. As main achievements, we have listed our $COW token on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.

Additionaly, our communities are growing in all of our social networks, already having almost reached 5000 followers on Twitter.

Finally, we are getting closer and closer to the distribution of the CashCow Genesis NFT, which will be at the ending of the 2nd Stage of the roadmap.

At this very moment, we are at 90% of the objectives set for this phase, and for this we want to congratulate the entire CashCow team and the community for their excellent work and constant support.

🟡About the Community🟡

🔶Some general statistics (7d) of our main social networks🔶

▪️ Members of Telegram group [English]: from 3798 to 7963 (+ 109%) ⬆️
▪️ Members of Telegram group [Spanish]: from 1825 to 4438 (+ 143%) ⬆️
▪️ Members of Telegram group [Portuguese]: from 0 to 68 (+ 100%) ⬆️
▪️ Members on the Discord server: from 3362 to 5272 (+ 56%) ⬆️
▪️ Followers on Twitter in English: from 3061 to 4319 (41%) ⬆️
▪️ Followers on Twitter in Spanish: from 167 391 (134%)⬆️

🔴 Statistics of Cashcow Token🔴

▪️ Supply max/total: 2,000,000 COW (100%)
▪️ Burn supply: 1,096,330 COW (54.81 %)
▪️ Circulating Supply: 532,462 COW (45.8%)
▪️ Market Capital: $3261157 (44% 7d) ⬆️
▪️ Volume in 24 hours: 497403
▪️ Holders: from 4647 to 8397 (+ 80% 7d) ⬆️
▪️ Price of $COW: $2.93
▪️ Price variation in 24 hours: -19.84% ⬇️
▪️ Price variation in 7 days: + 38% ⬆️

🟣 Marketing activities 🟣

Some of the activities carried out during the past week were:

▪️ Contest of 1 CashCow Genesis NFTs as a promotion of the global Twitter account. The winner will be announced within the next week.

▪️ Broadcasting of various videos from the channels of different youtubers: Max Mar628, Ark_Arkangel, Dorrego, Kenpa505, CriptoGirl (Russia), Santi Kadefisto, CriptoMindYT, JustLuks09, Crypto Game

▪️ Mini-game in the Telegram group for prizes in MILK.

▪️ Airdrop on Tik Tok on the occasion of CowLloween.

▪️ Contests and airdrops in 4 simultaneous dynamics on social networks on the occasion of the celebration of CowLloween.

▪️ Creation of the Portuguese-speaking community on Telegram_port and Discord.

▪️ The contest on Twitter for the Genesis NFT closed, 2 more contests will open for 1 Genesis NFT each. This is your chance if you want to be a Legendary Member of the CashCow Community.

Some of the activities that will take place over the next week will be:
▪Two more contests will be opened for 1 Genesis NFT each. This is your chance if you want to become a Legendary Member of the CashCow Community.

▪ + Videos on YouTube and streaming on Twitch.

▪ Advertising banner in Poocoin.

▪️ ️ More giveaways on social media.

▪️ We are continuously in contact with different personalities of the crypto ecosystem to continue promoting the project through YouTube and social networks, as well as we will continue to carry out activities, raffles and games. 📲

🟠Roadmap Development🟠

▪️ The team has proposed to make an adjustment in the distribution of the Staking DApp pools, which is why the community was consulted through an anonymous Telegram survey to find out their opinion on the possible options proposed to readjust the rewards.
The results are as follows:

The survey was in favor of continuing as we were, so everything is going to be left as it is according to the interest expressed in the vote by the majority of the community members: https://app.cashcowprotocol.com/


▪️Burning of $MILK Token: The first burning of the $MILK Token has taken place, more than 800,000 tokens have been burned on this occasion, which was the first of many.

▪️ Frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ): We continue to ask questions from the community, these will be published in the FAQ section of the WhitePaper. If you have more questions, we want to address them and share them with the community, you can do so at the following link: https://forms.gle/rRNGDiTW48BTCEzi9

▪️ Ambassadors Program: we have incorporated 3 new ambassadors to the team, we are creating a very dynamic work productive and creating a very good work environment. We continue with the interviews to continue expanding the Team. We are about to add new ones next week. We are looking for native English language ambassadors. Today we are more than 20 people working for the community.

▪️ Referral Program: we terminate the program, the control will be carried out during the next few days with the help of the team of ambassadors, remember that whoever asks when we do the airdrop, loses their prize.

Regards, CashCow Protocol team🐮

Social Networks

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in our groups and social networks:




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▪️ Chat Group [EN]
▪️ Chat Group [SP]
▪️ Chat Group [PORT]


▪️ Server [EN-SP-PORT]



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