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General Summary

Moving forward at a steady pace

We are pleased to announce that this week stage 2 of our roadmap has ended and have started stage 3.

Turn on the tractors and open the pens because we are entering the stage where the development of our NFT Play-To-Earn game begins, among other objectives that aim to strengthen the foundations of a constant and healthy growth of the entire protocol.

This week’s progress is an achievement shared with the community that has made it possible. We are very happy to witness rapid growth in our social media, breaking 10K twitter followers and the goal of 10K $COW token holders is approaching. $COW and $MILK once again exceeded their historical maximums in adoption and price, generating a positive expectation for this new stage.

About the Community

Some general statistics (7d) of our main social networks

▪️ Members of the Telegram group in English: 7390 (+ 2.03%) ⬆️
▪️ Members of the Telegram group in Spanish: 5345 (+ 1.97%) ⬆️
▪️ Members on Discord server: 6286 (+ 2.03%) ⬆️
▪️ Followers on Twitter: 11,400 (+ 32.83%) ⬆️

Statistics of CashCow Token

▪️ Maximum supply: 2,000,000 $ COW (100%)
▪️ Supply burned: 1,107,634 $ COW (55.38%)
▪️ Total supply: 892,365.66 $ COW (44.61%)
▪️ Holders: 9,656 (+ 11.91% 7d) ⬆️

Marketing activities

Some activities carried out during the past week were:

▪️ Token $MILK was listed on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko

▪️ CashCow Protocol included in DappRadar

▪️ CashCow Protocol included in Dapp.com

▪️ Featured influencer of the week: Maxmar628 Watch on Youtube

▪️ Certik Security has issued the “OnBoarding” classification for the audit of all our smart contracts.

▪️ Surprise airdrop for Genesis NFT holders, they received 20 $COW token for each Genesis NFT they purchased.

▪️ We reported a success in the sale of our Genesis NFT collection, sold in less than a week and resulted in 100 new holders who obtained the title of Legendary Member in our community and who already enjoy exclusive benefits, such as the surprise airdrop after the sale of the Genesis collection, where 2,000 $COW tokens were distributed among the owners of Genesis NFT as a reward for their commitment and trust towards CashCow Protocol.

Roadmap Development

We are off to a good start on stage 3 of our roadmap, an essential stage for growth in social networks and progress in the development of our NFT Play-To-Earn game.


We are pleased to announce that during the course of the week we have formalized our partnership with Gol Finance,a decentralized finance ecosystem that allows us to generate returns by implementing innovative ways of investing our money in a safe and decentralized environment.

Along with this new alliance, a new use has been born for the $MILK token:

  • Our partner has enabled a staking pool to generate $GOL token by depositing $MILK token.
  • Reciprocally, in CashCow Protocol we have created a $GOL staking pool in our Dapp where you can deposit your token $GOL to obtain returns in token $MILK.


Certik Security, the company in charge of audit all our smart contracts has included CashCow Protocol as “Onboarding” on their list of ongoing audits.

This is an important step towards the security verification of our protocol. We work hard to provide guarantees to investors that the funds generated and invested in CashCow Protocol will be safe at all times.


CashCow Protocol growth campaign.

Fulfilling the premise of being a community-led project, we offer you the opportunity to work with us in the CashCow Protocol team, a unique project of which you can be part and develop your skills in the innovative ecosystem that we are creating.

Do not miss the opportunity to be part of one of the blockchain projects with the greatest potential. Participate in the CashCow protocol growth campaign by filling out the form that suits your abilities.

Best regards, CashCow Protocol Team

Social Networks

▪️Twitter [ENGLISH]
▪️Twitter [SPANISH]

▪️ Telegram Announcement Channel [EN]
▪️ Telegram Chat Group [EN]
▪️ Telegram Chat Group [SP]
▪️ Telegram Chat Group [PORT]

▪️Discord Server [EN-SP-PORT]

▪️Medium [ENGLISH]
▪️Medium [SPANISH]




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