CashCow Protocol Weekly Report 📣

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⚪️General Issues⚪️

We publish the weekly report of CashCow, the compilation of the news and activities that we carry out within the protocol in the last week of January.

Amid a slight recovery in the cryptocurrency market, CashCow Protocol works on the development of the NFT Farmgame, NFT staking in the Dapp and rewards the most active members of the community in the Activity Awards event on Discord and Telegram.

We announce that the burning of $MILK will be carried out on a monthly basis, burning tokens accumulated throughout the month in our Dapp, the burning will take place on the last Sunday of each month.

CashCow needs the support of the community not only by spreading the word about the project, but also by collaborating with your positive votes on platforms where we can list our $COW and $MILK tokens if we exceed the minimum community likes, participate in the #CashCowFamily and take in your hands the progress of the protocol.

🔵About the Community🔵

Some general statistics (7d) of our main social networks

▪️ Global Telegram chat members: 12,567(-5.6%)
▪️ Discord members : 11,708 (-4.19%)
▪️ Twitter followers: 26.5K (-1.88%)
▪️ Holders: 9,127( -1,64%)

CashCow Token Statistics

▪️ Max Supply: 2,000,000 $COW (100%)
▪️ Burned supply: 1,115,357 $COW (55.76%)
▪️ Total supply: 884,643 $COW (44.23%)

Milk Token Statistics

▪️Market Cap: $426,539
▪️Total Minted: 422,032,532
▪️Total Burned: 5,297,943
▪️Circulating Supply: 416,734,589
▪️New MILK/block:: 45

Burns of the $MILK token will now take place on a monthly basis, on the last Sunday of each month, accumulating the total deposit fee of the $MILK and $GOL pools of MilkBar accumulated on the month.

⚫️Social activities⚫️

▪️Activity Awards en Telegram y Discord
▪️#CashCowFamily, support us with your like.

The CashCow Trivia was held on Friday 28 as every week, challenging participants with 10 questions related to CashCow Protocol with the purpose of educating our community and informing at the same time that we reward their trust and permanence in our social networks. .

We invite you to participate every Friday in the CashCow trivia on our Discord server. [LINK].

Activity Awards

We have held the awards ceremony for week 2 of the activity Awards on Discord and Telegram, it has been an exciting week where we have witnessed an increase in activity, which we now reward with a $MILK token because we know that the time our community dedicates to being online and aware of the news has value and it is up to us to reward the most faithful members of the #CashcowFamily as much as possible.

📰Click to read about the awards ceremony in medium

💰Keep participating every week in the Activity Awards event on Discord and Telegram.

Roadmap development


▪️Goal: 10K holders ➡️
▪️Goal: 10K Twitter’s Followers ✅
▪️Goal: 10K Members on Telegram ✅
▪️Goal: 10M MarketCap ➡️
▪️Audited by Certik
▪️Partnerships ✅➡️
▪️Launch of $COW staking feature ✅
▪️Launch of CashCow NFT Art Collection ✅
▪️Launch of CashCow NFT Marketplace ✅
▪️Launch of CashCow NFT staking feature ➡️
▪️Start development of CashCow Farm Game ✅
▪️Reach out to big YouTube channels and more influencer marketing ✅➡️

🔴#CashCow Family: Support CashCow with your like🔴

The growth of CashCow is something that we achieve as a team, that’s why we invite you to be part of the #CashCowFamily, the most faithful and great community of the entire protocol, that community that leaves us its like and shares information about us on its social networks .

On this occasion we need the #CashCowFamily to activate their networks and support us to achieve listing and visibility in the following networks:

Support us with your like and vote

▪️Support our $COW token on Coinmarketcap (vote below the chart)
▪️Support our $COW token on Coingecko (vote below the chart)
▪️Vote for $MILK in Coinmooner
▪️Vote for $COW in Coinmooner
▪️Vote for $MILk in CoinDiscovery
▪️Vote for $COW in CoinDiscovery
▪️Log in to Support us in Zapper
▪️Support us in Debank

Growth Campaign

We continue to recruit community members to work at CashCow Protocol, we need a variety of skills that you can find out in the link below, do not forget to apply.


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