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General Issues

The fulfillment of the objectives of stage 3 of the CashCow Protocol roadmap is occurring on a sustained basis, this week we have witnessed the announcement of the completion of the exhaustive audit of our smart contracts by the renowned blockchain security company Certik and which represents a very important step regarding the security that CashCow Protocol offers to cryptoinvestors.

The sale of NFT collectibles “Happy Cows” continues, in a week we have already sold more than 500 “Happy Cows” of the 1000 that will exist in total, do not miss the opportunity to be a rare member and buy 3 packages for each Happy Cow for our NFT play to Earn game, The price is 100,000 $MILK each, you can buy them at the following link:

The collectible NFTs are an important pillar within CashCow Protocol, for that reason we are working on generating more profits and use cases from them, one of the closest developments is the possibility of Staking the Genesis and Happy Cows collectible NFTs to generate returns in $MILK token in our Dapp.

In addition to the progress of Certik audit and NFT Collectibles, we are also very happy to announce a new Partnership with TofuNFT, a marketplace for trading NFTs in which we have listed and verified the collection “Happy Cows” so that they can be traded for BNB Within their platform, we want to work together and generate synergy to benefit the communities of both projects.

About the Community

After a bearish week in the entire crypto market, in CashCow we have registered a slight reduction in our number of members in our networks, which seems like an achievement because it is not easy to fight against the collective fear that bearish cycles generate.

At CashCow Protocol we bet on the long term and we thank all the people in the community who think the same way and support the development and advancement of the protocol with their holding, these are the people who will see the fruit of patience.

Some general statistics (7d) of our main social networks:

▪️ Global Telegram chat members: 14,118(-3.89%)
▪️ Discord members : 13,228 (-3.59%)
▪️ Twitter followers: 27,7K (-1.08%)
▪️ Holders: 9,444 ( +0.38% 7d)


CashCow Token

▪️ Max Supply: 2,000,000 $COW (100%)
▪️ Burned supply: 1,113,867 $COW (55.69%)
▪️ Total supply: 886,132 $COW (44.30%)

Milk Token

▪️Market Cap: $478.261
▪️Total Minted: 402,172,461
▪️Total Burned: 5,198,705
▪️Circulating Supply: 396,973,756
▪️New MILK/block:: 45

$MILK Tokens burn: ️ This week we have successfully burned 106,080 $MILK. [LINK].

The $MILK burned is the total deposit fee of the MILK and GOL pools of MilkBar accumulated this week.

Social activities

▪️Contests on Discord: Trivia.
▪️Tests of skill on Telegram.
▪️New Partnership: TofuNFT

Discord Activity Awards

We end the “Activity Awards” event that we carry out throughout December seeking to reward the most active members of our server with prizes in $MILK and $COW token.

This awards ceremony is double because we present the winners of the last activity awards week and last month winners, whom we thank for their commitment and permanence in our community spaces.

Last week’s activity award winners are:

🏅 tigra $10 in $MILK
🏅 elioperez_ $10 in $MILK
🏅 hunter2908 $10 in $MILK
🏅 yanyql $10 in $MILK

In addition to that we present the 3 winners of the monthly prize of the event:

🥇Gold. @elioperez_ $25 in $COW
🥈Silver. @tigra $ 15 in $COW
🥉Bronze. @hunter2908 $10 in $COW

We want you to continue participating in all of our networks because this is just beginning, we are planning many community events for you to have fun, learn about blockchain and win prizes in cryptocurrencies.

Join our discord server and participate in all the activities, find out about CashCow news and enjoy exclusive tools from our server.: [LINK]. Airdrop

In the course of this week they will publish the results of the Airdrop of 10 HappyCows for 10 winners and of 500,000 $MILK distributed among 500 winners.

Roadmap development

Moooooo, this week we update the roadmap with objectives achieved, we add the audit done by Certik and the imminent launch of CashCow NFTs Staking Feature.


▪️Goal: 10K holders ➡️
▪️Goal: 10K Twitter’s Followers ✅
▪️Goal: 10K Members on Telegram ✅
▪️Goal: 10M MarketCap ➡️
▪️Audited by Certik
▪️Partnerships ✅➡️
▪️Launch of $COW staking feature ✅
▪️Launch of CashCow NFT Art Collection ✅
▪️Launch of CashCow NFT Marketplace ✅
▪️Launch of CashCow NFT staking feature ➡️
▪️Start development of CashCow Farm Game ➡️
▪️Reach out to big YouTube channels and more influencer marketing ✅➡️

AuditCertik: Audit Completed

One small step for a cow, one big step for our community 🌖🧑‍🚀

⭐️It’s official!⭐️ CashCow protocol has been audited by Certik.

We are very happy for the positive result of the exhaustive security review that certik has carried out on all our smart contracts, which proved to be robust and safe in use, the $COW token contract, the $MILK contract and the contract of our Defi app were audited, which represents the fulfillment of one of the most important objectives of stage 3 of our Roadmap.

👮‍♂️🐮Now we have Skynet enabled, an intelligent security system in the cloud, which means that there is 24/7 monitoring that provides us with on-chain metrics about CashCow Protocol security.

🔗 Check CashCow in Certik

NFT Marketplace

Our NFT marketplace still fully operational, the existing “Happy Cows” collectibles can now be traded in addition to mining the 500 blind boxes that remain to be discovered, do not miss the opportunity to get one and access the purchase of packages for our NFT game.


TofuNFT is an NFT marketplace focused on GameFi and collectibles, rebranded from SCV’s NFT market, on which we hope to have a productive collaborative work relationship for our respective projects.

In TofuNFT Marketplace you can now trade NFT Happy Cows and very soon also NFT Genesis. [Link]

Growth Campaign

We continue to recruit community members to work at CashCow Protocol, we need a variety of skills that you can find out in the link below, do not forget to apply.


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