CashCow Protocol Weekly Report

Find out about the advances of CashCow Protocol 🐮

Week Summary

The strength of the protocol is its community.

CashCow Protocol is progressing rapidly, the growth campaign is working and it shows in the mentions we have received this week highlighting the activity on our main social networks. In addition, the development and art team is increasing revolutions to effectively exceed stage 3 targets, the month of December is promising for CashCow Protocol and its community.

We understand that the integration of new ambassadors to the team is the key to generating a positive link with the community, enabling the generation of organic conversations that feed us back as a project, being consistent with that course, now we will hold biweekly conversations with the community in our Discord Server

About the Community

Some general statistics (7d) of our main social networks:

▪️ Members English Telegram: 7248 (-1.95%) ⬇
▪️ Members Spanish Telegram: 5292 (-1%) ⬇
▪️ Members Discord Server: 6256 (-0.47%)⬇
▪️ Followers Twitter: 15,500 (+35,96‬%) ⬆

CashCow Token Statistics

▪️ Max Supply: 2,000,000 $COW (100%)
▪️ Burned Supply: 1,109,061 $COW (55.45%)
▪️ Total Supply: 890,939 $COW (44.54%)
▪️ Holders: 9,656 (-2.32% 7d) ⬇

Social activities

Finished activities:
▪$COW Token listed on Gemfinder
▪️Second place in “TVL” accumulation , by BSCDaily
▪️$COW y $MILK listed on CoinHunt.
▪️Seventh place in best social signals, by GamingFi.
▪️Participate in our trivia contests in our Telegram.
▪️Videos on Youtube in different languages.

Upcoming activities:
▪ More videos on Youtube in different languages.
▪️ Biweekly conversations on Discord.
▪️ Trivia and quizzes on Telegram and Discord.
▪️ English AMA.
️▪️Advertising and dissemination by other digital media. Advertising and dissemination campaign in digital media such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.
▪Collaborations with influencer from Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

Roadmap Development

We concluded the first week of stage 3 of our roadmap, at this stage we come more prepared, with greater resources and with a large work team.

Regarding the development of the marketplace, developers have advanced, they can perform various functions in testnet, such as selling and buying NTFs in addition to mining them. These tests are very important to optimize the code and make it as robust as possible.



We are waiting to be audited by Certik Security, the waiting time will be determined by them. We look forward to the results.

We are listed on with the category “On boarding”.

Staking Dapp

MILK Token Burning

This week we have burned almost twice as much as last week, 907,583 $MILK have been burned this time, leaving a total of 4,454,769 $MILK burned to date. BSCScan Tx.

This week we have burned almost twice as much as last week, 907,583 $MILK have been burned this time, leaving a total of 4,454,769 $MILK burned to date. BSCScan Tx.

Special $MILK Burn

We held an additional $MILK token burn this Sunday. Part of the funds raised from the sale of the Genesis NFTs along with 2% commission from our $MILK staking pool and 3% commission from the $GOL pool were used to purchase $MILK and burn it, totaling almost one million $MILK tokens out of circulation.


CashCow Talks

As part of our strategy to strengthen our communication with the community, we have created a space to hold regular conversations, a place to talk with the community and speak directly with the team of ambassadors.
-You are all cordially invited to participate in the CashCow Protocol chat on 5/12/2021.
-At 21:00 UTC, on our official Discord server.

Growth Campaign

The growth campaign has been a success, we have received many requests.
We have incorporated 5 new ambassadors, in addition, we have defined the work positions in charge of the operational, human resources and art and design directions.

Social Networks

▪️ Twitter [EN]
▪️ Twitter [ES]

▪️ Telegram Announcement Channel [EN]
▪️ Telegram Chat Group [EN]
▪️ Telegram Chat Group [ES]
▪️ Telegram Chat Group [PT]

▪️ Discord Server

▪️ Medium
▪️ YouTube
▪️ Instagram
▪️ Tiktok
▪️ Ecency




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