CashCow Protocol Weekly Report 📣

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General Issues

We say goodbye to 2021 very happy for the objectives that we have met with the unconditional support of our community. Thanks to all the people who have been in CashCow Protocol since the beginning and who placed their trust this year 2021, the same trust that we try to honor every day with our best work and that is rewarded as a result of the organic growth of the protocol.

This week we have inaugurated the CashCow NFT marketplace with the exclusive collection of “Happy Cows” NFTs registering a sale of more than 250 copies in the first 10 minutes, in addition, there are already NFTs published in the Marketplace by independent users who decided to put on sale their “Happy Cows” and that they have set a free market price taking into account the different rarities of NFTs.

The “Happy Cows” NFT art collection is a set of 1,000 unique cows with special benefits such as making the owner of at least 1 NFT a rare member of the CashCow community, which enables the purchase of 3 packs for the play-to-earn Farm Game. For each Happy Cow (1 rare package, 1 uncommon package and 1 common package), plus the next use of staking that will be given to these NFTs to produce $MILK token.

There are approximately 500 “Happy Cows” left to go, do not miss the opportunity to get a collectible NFT from CashCow for the price of 100,000 $MILK each, you can buy them at the following link:

About the Community

Regarding the growth of the protocol in the last week of 2021, we have experienced a significant increase in members in all our main networks as the certification of our smart contracts that is being carried out by Certik, the famous Blockchain security company, is approaching

Some general statistics (7d) of our main social networks

▪️ Global Telegram chat members: 14,733(+54%) ⬆
▪️ Discord members : 13,704 (+97.57%) ⬆
▪️ Twitter followers: 28K (+83.05%) ⬆
▪️ Holders: 9,480 ( +3.68% 7d) ⬆

CashCow Token Statistics

▪️ Max Supply: 2,000,000 $COW (100%)
▪️ Burned supply: 1,113,114 $COW (55.65%)
▪️ Total supply: 886,886 $COW (44.34%)


Milk Token Statistics

▪️Market Cap: $628.688
▪️Total Minted: 392,213,912
▪️Total Burned: 5,092,624
▪️Circulating Supply: 387,121,288
▪️New MILK/block: 45

$MILK Tokens burn: ️ This week we have successfully burned 383,947 $MILK tokens, counting a total of 5,092,624 $MILK burned to date.

[Link BSCScan Tx]

The $MILK burned is the total deposit fee of the MILK and GOL pools of MilkBar accumulated this week.

Social activities

▪️Contests on Discord: Trivia, Activity Awards.
▪️Tests of skill on Telegram.
▪️$COW included in Bitkeep and MeowBoard
▪️Special Christmas and New Year’s Gleam Airdrop Finished.

Bitkeep and MeowBoard

Our tokens are attracting more and more attention, this week we have been included through the integration of CashCow tokens in Bitkeep, an Asian Blockchain project that now has $COW and $MILK available to deposit and transact in the decentralized wallet that they offer.


Integration with MeowBoard has also been generated, an application that allows us to easily manage assets deposited in DeFi applications such as the CashCow Dapp, which you can now manage from its application.

[Link] Airdrop

The surprises do not stop at CashCow, on December 31 we closed the airdrop in where we raffled 10 NFTs from the “Happy Cows” collection among our community for participating in the event by entering tickets by doing activities such as joining our social networks, 10 lucky people join CashCow Protocol’s “rare members” list as a result of this airdrop.

Roadmap development

This week we have fulfilled 2 objectives of stage 3 of the roadmap, the launch of the CashCow NFT art collection and the launch of the NFT marketplace, two very important steps to continue towards the start of the Farm Game development as we get closer and closer to the 10 thousand holders of $COW.


▪️Goal: 10K holders ➡️
▪️Goal: 10K Twitter’s Followers ✅
▪️Goal: 10K Members on Telegram ✅
▪️Goal: 10M MarketCap ➡️
▪️Audit ✅➡️
▪️Partnerships ✅➡️
▪️Launch of $COW staking feature ✅
▪️Launch of CashCow NFT Art Collection ✅
▪️Launch of CashCow NFT Marketplace ✅
▪️Start development of CashCow Farm Game ➡️
▪️Reach out to big YouTube channels and more influencer marketing ✅➡️

NFT Marketplace

Our NFT marketplace has started fully operational, the existing “Happy Cows” collectibles can now be traded in addition to mining the 500 blind boxes that remain to be discovered.


New MILK-BNB pool in

Our Gol.Finance partners launched a new liquidity pool that can be deposited MILK-BNB LP to produce $GOL token, it is a new use case of the $ MILK token that allows you to earn the token of our Gol.Finance partners -

Growth Campaign


Join our Social Networks





Community driven project with the vision of creating a positive impact in people’s lives by being a trusted and long term investment.

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CashCow Protocol

CashCow Protocol

Community driven project with the vision of creating a positive impact in people’s lives by being a trusted and long term investment.

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