CashCow Protocol x GolFinance Partnership

A new Partnership has been born!

We are starting the week with very good news for the DeFi world, we happy to announce a partnership agreement between GolFinance and CashCow Protocol.

Thanks to this Partnership we will be adding a New Use Case for Milk Token, allowing Milk holders to farm in GolFarm to earn profits in GolToken ($GOL). In addition to this, we will also include a new $GOL staking pool in the MilkBar of the Staking DApp so that $GOL holders can also get Milk by staking.
This is a long term agreement with economic arrangements that will ensure the stable growth of both projects.

CashCow Protocol Staking DApp Changes

  • MILK-BUSD Pancake LP from 20x to 15x
  • COW-BUSD Pancake LP — No Changes (40x)
  • COW single staking — No Changes (30x)
  • MILK single staking — No Changes (10x)
  • New GOL Staking Pool with 3% deposit fee and 5x Allocation Points.

This changes will be effective starting next Wednesday 24th.

About GolFinance

GolFinance is a Football Soccer Themed Ecosystem and DeFi protocol with the mission creating an all-in-one solution for maximizing users yields while providing a secure, fast and low gas fee experience. GolFinance v1 includes GolToken, GolSwap and GolFarm, being all of this a fork from PancakeSwap. You will find more details about GolFinance here:

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