CashCow Protocol X Stellarium Game Partnership

As of today a new partnership joins the CashCow Ecosystem: Stellarium Game.

This alliance between CashCow Protocol and Stellarium Game was made possible thanks to the collaboration and networking of both projects.

There will be exclusive benefits for the CashCow Protocol community:

  • Whitelist for all NFT Genesis Holders.
  • Whitelist drawing for Rare Members and Top 100 $COW Holders (500 slots)
  • Airdrop of 1000 Stellarium tokens for Legendaries Members
  • Airdrop of 1000 Stellarium tokens drawing among the CashCow community

About Stellarium Game

The mission of Stellarium Game is to provide a true gaming experience through a blockchain-based space adventure, proposing a new solution to the problem of sustainability of GameFi projects.

The game consists of being a metaverse cosmonaut of Stellarium, survivor of a cataclysm and who must make a living exploring the universe, collecting the essence that is one of the best paid and most dangerous materials at the same time. You will fight battles for your life aboard your spaceship and you will enter planets never explored by humans.

To monetize in the game you must collect and transport the Essence to the storage centers where they will be happy to pay you for such valuable material, you will also have the opportunity to find different objects in the types of NFTs, even ship parts that will allow you to improve yours or build a new one, so …. would you rather sell the parts or a brand new starfleet ship.

Web Page:

Find out what’s new on Discord:
You can find out the news and progress in this partnership in the new channel that will be opened in the “Ecosystem” tab on the CashCow Protocol Discord server.

CashCow Protocol Discord Server:



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