Cashcow Protocol’s Christmas and New Year NFT Airdrop

SantaCow has delivered Christmas gifts to the community.

CashCow Protocol
2 min readJan 12, 2022

The CashCow airdrop was a success, there have been over 100,000 entries from more than 10,000 unique users.
It’s amazing how the CashCow community is growing, that’s why we will continue to do many more activities to engage our community of CashCow holders and future FarmGame farmers.

In this opportunity there will be 510 winners.

The 10 winners of 1 HappyCow each have been announced via our Twitter and are as follows. They were drawn from over 100,000 participants.

HappyCows are a collection of 1000 NFT collectibles and can be traded on the CashCow Protocol Dapp in an NFT marketplace.

The winners of this giveaway will be Rare Members of the community and will be whitelisted to buy rare packs before the game.

There are still to be minted in the blind box.
NFTs are valued at 100,000 MILK in the protocol.

Referral Challenge

You will be able to see the winning wallets of the 500,000 MILK airdrop through this link.

The top 50 with the most referred friends will win a total of 5,000 MILK each.

Then we will draw lots to select 450 different winners who have participated in the referral challenge.

Tx: bscscan.tx1, bscscan.tx2 and bscscan.tx3

All the details of the airdrop are in this link.

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