Competition for 1 CashCow Genesis NFT

Community drive makes CashCow Protocol great.

As a community member, investor and future CashCow FarmGame landowner we want you to get involved in the project’s goals.

We are so close to meeting each of the goals of stage number 2 of the ROADMAP.

✅Objective: 5000 Holders.
🔴Objective: 5000 Twitter followers (Current: 3600).
✅Objective:5000 members on Telegram.
🔴Attribution and distribution of CashCow Genesis NFTs. (10% Minted and 1% Distributed).
🔴Listing on CoinMarketCap.(We will send again from the application).
✅Listed on CoinGecko.
✅Beginning of website development for $MILK ‘staking’ function.

This time, in plan of distribution of the most valuable assets for the protocol, we will conduct a retweet competition on Twitter.

🟡Contest details

Objective: to exceed 5000 followers on Twitter
Name: Twitter Retweet Competition
Prizes: 1 CashCow Genesis NFT (1 Winner).

🔵You will have to:

✅Follow @CashCowProtocol on Twitter.
✅Make a Quote Tweet (Not a retweet) of the pinned message from the CashCow account on Twitter Global [ ] tagging @CashCowProtocol +3 friends and adding the hashtag #CashCowArmy
✅Be holder of $COW
✅Follow us on these 3 platforms:
✅Lastly, fill out this FORM


1️⃣The competition starts on Wednesday, October 26 and ends on Saturday, October 30 at 23:59 UTC.
2️⃣The winner will be selected in the following way, firstly a first round will be done with a draw, this way we will randomly narrow down to %10 participants. Finally, the winner will be defined by the Tweet with the most retweets.

BEST REGARDS, CashCow Protocol Team 🐮



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