$COW token, a gem within the Binance Smart Chain.

The $COW token is the main column of CashCow Protocol, it is a gem token with peculiarities in its operation that make it very special.

Starting with reflection of the token, allowing investors to earn more $COW token just by having the token, in addition, $COW is a hyperdeflationary token thanks to the fact that its contract defines a large burning wallet, which benefits from a part of the reflection and automatically takes $COW out of circulation, resulting in an increasingly scarce $COW.

CashCow Token holders have lots of benefits in all the CashCow Protocol ecosystem:

  • CashCow Token is the Governance token for making proposals and taking the decisions for the whole CashCow Protocol Ecosystem.
  • By holding CashCow in your wallet you will receive your cut of 4% on every transaction. Passive income earned while you sleep.
  • Community Members can access special benefits by becoming Legendary, Rare, Uncommon and Common Community Members.
  • $COW can be staked to earn $MILK in our Staking DApp.
  • Holders of 1 $COW or more, will be able to use the Game NFT Marketplace.
  • By holding $COW in your wallet you’ll get a MilkPower Bonus on the Farm P2E Game.

Governance Token

The $COW Token is the way in which our community votes and decides the steps to follow in CashCow, it is the cryptographic mechanism that we defined to build a decentralized and democratic administration, where any wallet that has at least 50 $COW tokens gains influence, In this way, you have access to the possibility of making proposals to suggest and apply changes to the protocol and its activities, as well as being able to vote, estimate or reject proposals from other members of the community registered in the snapshot governance system.

If you have a $COW token, do not hesitate to express your opinion and collaborate with the development and advancement of the CashCow Protocol, participate in the governance talks on our Disord server.

👑Governance discuss on Discord: https://discord.gg/C9PRvCguVN

The key to success in cashcow farmgame.

Accumulating $COW is one of the most important tasks a farmer has to do to stay on top of the MilkPower chart in the game.

The $COW token grants benefits on the MilkPower multiplier that maximizes the production of your cattle, influencing the MilkPower according to the $COW holding:

  • 10 $COW — 1.1x (min)
  • 20 $COW — 1.2x
  • 30 $COW — 1.3x
  • 50 $COW — 1.4x
  • 80 $COW — 1.5x
  • 130 $COW — 1.6x
  • 210 $COW — 1.7x
  • 340 $COW — 1.8x
  • 550 $COW — 1.9x
  • 890 $COW — 2.0x (max)

The Milkpower multiplier determines the $MILK token production of the cattle, so it is important to stay in the race to accumulate $COW and become one of the most productive and prolific farmers in the entire CashCow Farmgame.

The benefit of belonging to the #CashCow Family.

The $COW holders are the most important members of the Protocol, since through them the future of CashCow is traced and executed, that is why the $COW holders obtained titles according to their holding since they will obtain benefits depending on the amount of $COW token they hold, plus it makes them Legendary, Rare, Uncommon, and Common members based on their holding

First 100 holders: Legendary members
First 1000 holders: Rare Members
First 10.000 holders: Uncommon members
First 50.000 holders: Common Members

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Community driven project with the vision of creating a positive impact in people’s lives by being a trusted and long term investment.

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CashCow Protocol

Community driven project with the vision of creating a positive impact in people’s lives by being a trusted and long term investment.