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3 min readOct 2, 2023

In this piece, we’ll go through the latest updates within the CashCow Protocol. A reminder: these updates aren’t just top-down decisions; they’ve been crafted with input from our CashCow DAO governance, where our vibrant community has a voice.

Less Milk, Lower Inflation 🐄🥛

Our $COW token holders have made a decision. The Protocol will now produce fewer Milk Tokens, reducing them to 10 MilkPerBlock. This means there will be fewer $MILK tokens available, helping to keep the token’s value stable. With this change, the emission rate went down from 30 MilkPerBlock to 10 MilkPerBlock.

👉 Proposal 10 — Reduction of $MILK Emission by Lowering MILK PER BLOCK

New Way to Earn! 🚜💰

Good news for those who want to help support our system! You can now use MILK and USDT in our DApp to help improve liquidity and earn rewards in return.

👉 Join the MILK-USDT LP pool

Changes in the MilkBar 🚫🥛🐮

We’ve made some changes in our DApp. The $MILK and $COW sections in the MilkBar won’t give out $MILK rewards for now. In support of the $MILK token, we’re reallocating our resources to boost liquidity, especially for the MILK-USDT LP and MILK-BNB GLP pairs.

If you have $MILK or $COW deposited in the MilkBar, you can withdraw it in the “Inactive” pools section

Goodbye, BUSD. Hello, Strategy Shifts!

In response to changing regulatory landscapes and trust issues with $BUSD, we’ve opted to disable all BUSD related pools. We believe this move is proactive and in line with safeguarding our community’s best interests.

We’re Twitter Verified!

Look out for our blue tick on Twitter! It’s a seal of authenticity, ensuring you’re connecting with the official CashCow Protocol account.

👉 Follow us!

Coming Soon: The CashCow Farm Game

CashCow Farm is nearly here! We’re close to hitting our launch milestones, and we’re buzzing with excitement. This game isn’t just about fun; it’s about expanding the CashCow universe beyond traditional DeFi boundaries.

We are building a unique decentralized economy, and we want all of you to be part of this revolution. Together, we can bring CashCow Farm and its economy to the world.

We are shaping our protocol for the future, setting the stage for the launch of CashCow Farm, a revolutionary game that will transform our economy and open up new and exciting opportunities.

Each update within the CashCow Protocol ecosystem is about evolution, security, and community engagement. Stay with us for more updates!

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