📣General Update — 10/17 🗣

Find out about CashCow Protocol developments 🐮

▪️We are very happy to announce you the progress in the Staking DApp development: during the week we have performed the main tests together with the CoreTeam and everything is working fine.
Yesterday we started testing with the betatester Legendary Members and we haven’t found any bug, the testing will continue during the week.
Thanks to all the volunteers who generously offered to participate in the tests, many of them are early investors of this project that we love and defend so much, without you this would not be possible.
For the moment, everything is on track and we believe we will meet the previously agreed launch date of October 24.
▪️We are still in stage 2 of the roadmap and we have already met approximately 65% of the proposed objectives, and for that we want to congratulate the entire CashCow team and the community for their excellent work and constant support.

🔶Some general stats (7d) from our main social networks🔶
▪️Members of the Telegram English group: 2863 (-5%) ⬇️
▪️Members of the Telegram Spanish group: 928 (+5%) ⬆️
▪️Members on the Discord server: 2436 (0%).
▪️Followers on English Twitter: 2786 (0.5%) ⬇️
▪️Followers on Spanish Twitter: 115 (100%)⬆️
▪️Followers on Instagram: 467 (+16%) ⬆️

▪️Maximum/total supply: 2000000 $COW.
▪️Supply burned: 1068263 $COW (53.41% of total).
▪️Supply circulating: 931737 $COW
▪️Market capitalization: $426985 (20% 7d) ⬆️
▪️Volume in 24 hours: $1630.
▪️Holders: 2029 (-2% 7d) ⬇️
▪️Price for $COW: $0.55
▪️Price change in 24 hours: -3.5% ⬇️
▪️7-day price change: +22% ⬆️

Some activities carried out during the past week are:
▪️ Mini-games.
▪️ Trivia quiz on Staking Dapp (Prizes given out).
▪️ 3rd Memes Competition (Ends at close of day UTC). And tomorrow we will conduct the community voting.
▪️ 1st NFT Genesis Distribution (Ends at close of day UTC). Tomorrow we will announce the airdrop recipients.
▪️ Giveaway on Instagram (Prize given).
▪️ New YouTube videos about Project updates, mainly the Staking Dapp, will be released this week. We are continuously in contact with different personalities of the crypto ecosystem to keep promoting the project through Youtube and social networks, as well as we will continue to carry out activities, raffles and games.📲
▪️ During the following week we will carry out the 2nd Distribution of the Genesis NFTs, we will pass you the details.
▪️ Implementation of a TikTok Official account, the idea is to make some humor through this application , we invite you to follow the account and share new videos: www.tiktok.com/@cashcowprotocol

We are 3 weeks into STAGE 2️⃣ and we are making fast progress in meeting the defined objectives, we have even accelerated the development of the Staking Dapp by community request and will launch it early.
The objectives for this stage are:
▪️ 5K Holders (~40.5% compliance to date).
▪️ 5k Followers on Twitter and 5K Members on Telegram (~56.5% compliance to date).
▪️ Minting and distribution of Genesis CashCow NFTs (~10%): At the end of the 3rd Meme Contest voting, we will already have selected the 10 Genesis NFTs made by the community. Three of them will be delivered tomorrow to the most active members of the community. The professional illustrator is still working on the realization of 90 more Genesis NFTs. There will be a total of 100 Genesis NFTs.
▪️Listed on CoinMarketCap: We sent request, the same was rejected, we will try again after Staking.
▪️Listed on CoinGecko: Sent request for the 3rd time, still no response. We will keep trying.
▪️Staking DApp development: both backend (smart contracts) and front-end DApp development are complete. We confirm the launch date, the same will be as previously agreed, October 24 (in one week).
It is worth noting that the launch of the DApp was planned for Stage 3 of the Roadmap, so we are getting AHEAD in the development of the project.

▪️Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): we continue to take questions from the community, these will be published in the FAQ section of the WhitePaper. If you have more doubts, we want to address them and share them with the community, you can do so at the following link: https://forms.gle/rRNGDiTW48BTCEzi9
▪️Translation of the WhitePaper: We made the translation of the WhitePaper in Spanish and it was already published in our Gitbook: https://bit.ly/3lqaVnx
▪️Instructive of Staking Dapp: we are finalizing the details of a document where we will address in depth everything you need to know before the Staking Dapp.
▪️Ambassadors Program: we have incorporated 2 new ambassadors to the team, we are creating a very productive work dynamic and generating a very good working environment. We continue with the interviews to keep expanding the Team. Today we are more than 17 people working for the community.

Best regards, CashCow 🐮 Protocol Team



Community driven project with the vision of creating a positive impact in people’s lives by being a trusted and long term investment.

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CashCow Protocol

Community driven project with the vision of creating a positive impact in people’s lives by being a trusted and long term investment.