Contest for CashCow Talks

We have launched a contest on for community members interested in participating in the CashCow Talks in English next Saturday, February 26th at 20 UTC on our Discord server.

CashCowTalk is an interactive and informative talk that will focus on how we can improve communication and transparency between the team and all of you as well as discussing the current and future of the CashCow Protocol. So join us!

Participate in the CashCow Talks in English on Saturday, February 26 at 20:00 UTC on our discord server.

There will be two contest:

🔗Link to participate:

1) Top 3 Tweet-questions: 3 prizes of $5 in MILK for those who have made the Tweets with the most interesting questions tagging @CashCowProtocol and #CashCowFamily.

2) Top 3 referring friends: 3 prizes of $5 in $MILK to those who have invited the most people to follow our Twitter and participate in the #CashCowTalks.

Prize winners must be present during the event.
The possibility to participate ends 1 hour before the start of the event.

CashCow Protocol Discord Server🎧:
Channel: 🚀 CashCow Stage



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