Governance and MILK-BNB Pool Discussion.

Governance is a fundamental pillar in the development of a decentralized protocol like CashCow, because it is the rudder with which the community directs the development and progress of the protocol, expressing its opinions, motivating changes and supporting proposals that are born for the well-being and sustainability of all aspects of CashCow Protocol.

Participate in the governance process with your $COW tokens in holding, which have a 1=1 voting power and you can use them to express your opinion and promote or reject community proposals, the voting power is vital to use to that we can make the best decisions together and thus make cashcow the best project in the entire blockchain ecosystem.

New pool discussion: MILK-BNB LP

We are currently discussing the implementation of a new staking pool with the MILK-BNB LP pair in our Dapp and it is important that you give your opinion and vote on it so that together we can determine what percentage of the 45 MilkPerBlock that are generated this pool will have.

You can participate in the governance discussions on the 『👑』governance channel within our Discord server:

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