Governance explained, how to express your opinion in CashCow Protocol.

We are living in a new era where innovations in technology have created the perfect opportunity for progress. With more people connected than ever before, we can now voice our opinions about what is happening in the world around us and our own lives. Decentralized governance is one of the many ways we can help society move forward, giving everyone a say in making decisions that have an impact on their environment, economy, and lifestyle.

Voting in the governance of CashCow is collaborating as a community, committing ourselves to an idea and building beyond the limits, the CashCow Protocol process will only be possible if you express your opinion by manifesting yourself as a holder of $COW in SnapShot, by participating in the governance, you take care of your investment.

Governance is one of the most important topics in the blockchain world. Blockchain is a technology that can be used to create a decentralized and democratic society, in which people have more power and freedom of expression.

Participate in governance in 3 steps:

CashCow Protocol provides the tools and spaces for the community to express their opinion, propose ideas, vote for other proposals and thus create a decentralized system that seeks the constant improvement of the protocol driven by the democratic desire for the common good that underpins governance.

  1. The idea is proposed and discussed on Discord

In our Discord server, we have enabled a channel for governance discussions, and it is the first stop if you want to propose an idea for the protocol, it is there where you can make the proposal known and get the necessary support to carry it out.

CashCow Protocol Discord Server:

2. The Proposal is published in SnapShot.

Once you’ve gone through the previous step of making your idea known on our Discord server, the next step is to post your idea as a proposal on SnapShot.

Snapshot is the official governance platform, it is the space where the proposals of people with at least 50 $COW tokens in their wallet are published to put them to a vote and determine whether they will be implemented or not.

CashCow Protocol SnapShot proposals:

3. If approved by vote, it is implemented.

When a proposal is published, the voting process begins, all $COW holders participate with their voting power, which complies with the relationship “1 $COW:1 Vote” and is what determines whether a proposal is approved or rejected.

We encourage you to chat with the community about your proposal to receive as much support as possible for your proposed ideas in our governance system.

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