Happy Cows: Get exclusive benefits in the protocol with NFTs.

Become Rare Member of the #CashCowFamily.

The HappyCows NFT is the CashCow Protocol art collection that ensures rare membership in the #CashCowFamily, and as such, is the opportunity to secure whitelist entry for the purchase of “rare” land, cow and bull packs, for the CashCow FarmGame.

With medium supply, the collection is limited to just 1,000 copies of HappyCows NFT.

These assets provide benefits within the protocol thanks to functions such as the possibility of depositing them in Staking to earn passive returns in $MILK, entering the whitelist to buy NFT packs of the game, increasing the MilkPower of our Cows in the farmgame and receiving the badge of “Rare” Member of the #CashCowFamily.

Don’t stay out of the exclusive “Rare” family of CashCow Protocol, you can buy Happy Cows NFTs in our Dapp: https://app.cashcowprotocol.com/blind-box

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Link: https://linktr.ee/cashcowprotocol



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