✅ NFT Market Smart Contracts Update Completed

We can now begin migrating the NFTs. ️Read everything you need to know about migration of the contract⬇️

CashCow Protocol
1 min readAug 16, 2022

CashCow developers announce that the update of NFT Market smart contracts from our DApp has been successfully completed. This improved version that will allow the integration of the #CashCowFarm NFTs: Cow NFTs, Bulls NFTs and Land NFTs, does not imply design and aesthetic changes.

IMPORTANT⚠️: The NFTs listed in the previous NFT Market will not be visible in the DApp once the migration starts and a new contract will be displayed.

❌ This will NOT affect those who have NFTs in wallet or staking. Only to the NFTs listed in the marketplace.

❓ What happens if I didn’t withdraw my NFT from the marketplace before the update?

🔒The NFTs will be safe and you can withdraw them by accessing the following link. Once returned to your wallet, you can relist them in the new NFT Market.

Link to unlist my NFT: 🔗https://cashcow-frontend-7flz3bl9u-cashcowprotocol.vercel.app/nft-market

Regards, CashCow Protocol development team.

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