The CashCow Protocol utility token: $MILK

An easy way to establish yourself in the CashCow Protocol is by accumulating the $MILK token, the utility token that serves as a reward for our Staking Dapp and currently has different uses, including being the ingame token of the CashCow Farmgame as well as being the currency of change in trading of CashCow Collectible NFTs.

$MILK is an infinite supply token that is created every time a block of the Binance Smart Chain blockchain is validated and has periodic burning methods, the main one being the burning of the fees collected in the Dapp.

“Burns of the $MILK token will now take place on a monthly basis, on the last Sunday of each month, accumulating the total deposit fee of the $MILK, and $GOL pools of MilkBar accumulated on the month.”

Provide liquidity and Stake in CashCow Dapp.

The main issuance of the $MILK token is carried out through the CashCow decentralized finance application at a ratio of 45 MilkPerBlock of the Binance Smart Chain which are assigned as a reward to the participants of all the staking pools and the liquidity pools in our Dapp.

The $MILK token currently has 2 yield faming pools where you can deposit it to generate returns and earn more $MILK tokens:

  • $MILK Staking

Marketplace NFT Trading currency.

Another specific use of the $MILK token is to serve as an exchange currency in the CashCow marketplace, being the token used to buy and sell collectible CashCow protocol NFTs within our Dapp.

Trade NTFs in the Cash Cow marketplace: 🔗

CashCow Farm in-game Token

The CashCow whitepaper states the $MILK token as the production and profit of the CashCow Famgame’s beef farms.

The production of the $MILK token will be defined by the MilkPower, that is, the productive power of a farmer that is determined by an equation that takes into account the $COW token Holding, the Happy Cows collectible holding, the NFT Genesis holding and the NFTs from the famgame itself.

In addition, the $MILK token will have various uses and additional burning methods within the farmgame, which are currently being worked on in the development of the game.

Farm Game NFTs

To get the NFTs of the CashCow Farm Game, it will be necessary to buy them with a $MILK token.

Initially, the first sale of NFTs in the game will take place in the form of packages containing Land-Bull-Cows NFTs and which will be accessed through a white list of $COW holders and holding Genesis NFTs or CashCow Protocol Collectibles.

Minting NFTs

NFT Collectibles:

The first collection of CashCow NFTs, the Happy Cow are minted on the Dapp for a price of 100 000 $MILK, you can read more about these NFTs at this link:


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