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Visual improvements. Content Updates. CashCow Farm Details.

CashCow Protocol
3 min readOct 21, 2022

Dear members of the CashCow community, we are pleased to announce that the CashCow whitepaper has been updated.

CashCow’s Whitepaper: https://cashcow-protocol.gitbook.io/cashcow-protocol/

Visual improvements

In each section, headers have been added.

Instructional images have also been implemented to help users learn how to invest in the CashCow Dapp.

Content Updates

Each section has been restructured and updated, allowing you to find more information about the protocol products and you will be able to navigate more comfortably.

CashCow Community Ranking updated based on governance changes.

CashCow Farm Game Details

There is a lot of information about the game included to help you understand the CashCow Farm economy.

The Farming feature is explained (Milk Power and Milk Power Bonus).

Find out how is Breeding mechanism.

NFTs of Cows and Bulls are shown by rarity and breed.

Land NFTs are shown.

This change is expected to improve the user experience in the CashCow ecosystem, allowing investors to access more information and smart contracts.

Close to CashCow Farm’s launch we expect to incorporate more details that will be defined at the end of development, allowing Legendary members of the CashCow community to discuss and set some parameters during the Beta Test.

Regards, CashCow Protocol development team.

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