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5 min readJan 16, 2022

General Issues

We collect the news that happened in CashCow Protocol this last week.

CashCow Protocol is in the top of the safest projects of the Binance Smart Chain according to the audit carried out by Certik, which was able to certify the robustness and security provided by all our smart contracts, this is an unprecedented milestone in CashCow and is the result of the arduous code and development work that is being carried out day by day to guarantee the security of the investment in our protocol in addition to strengthening the progress and fulfillment of the objectives set out in our Roadmap.

CashCow placed second on AirNFT’s TOP artist chart thanks to the successful sale of Genesis NFTs on their platform, registering a sales volume of 142 BNB so far.

Our $COW token has been one of the stars this week, registering an important listing in Trust Wallet and achieving token logo verification in PancakeSwap, on the way to the goal of 10K Holders of $COW.

Activities in the community continue, we held trivia on Fridays and the conversation in Spanish took place on Discord on Saturday, January 15, a space where we had contact with our community and had the opportunity to ask questions about the protocol that were answered. and awarded with a $MILK token, in addition to learning about the news and seeing the explanatory video of our NFT Play-To-Earn game for the first time.


About the community.

Some general statistics (7d) of our main social networks:

▪️ Global Telegram chat members: 13,742(-5.01%)
▪️ Discord members : 12,565 (-5.01%)
▪️ Twitter followers: 27,3K (-1.45%)
▪️ Holders: 9,341 ( -1,1%)

CashCow Token Statistics

▪️ Max Supply: 2,000,000 $COW (100%)
▪️ Burned supply: 1,114,451 $COW (55.72%)
▪️ Total supply: 885,549 $COW (44.27%)

Milk Token Statistics

▪️ Market Cap: $498.182
▪️ Total Minted: 412,842,461
▪️ Total Burned: 5,198,705
▪️ Circulating Supply: 407,643,330
▪️ New MILK/block:: 45

$MILK Tokens burn: ️ This week we have successfully burned 70.997,97 $MILK. [LINK].

The $MILK burned is the total deposit fee of the $MILK and $GOL pools of MilkBar accumulated this week.

Social activities

▪️Contests on Discord: Trivia.
▪️CashCow Talks in Spanish.
▪️Gleam Airdrop Winners

The CashCow Trivia was held on Friday 21 as every week, challenging participants with 10 questions related to CashCow Protocol with the purpose of educating our community and informing at the same time that we reward their trust and permanence in our social networks. .

We invite you to participate every Friday in the CashCow trivia on our Discord server. [LINK].

CashCow Talks on Discord

The CashCow community had contact with the team of ambassadors on Saturday, January 15 on Discord, where an informative talk was held on the protocol and the progress that is being made, updates to the roadmap and the steps to follow, in addition to to know a preview video where we explain in detail the elementary concepts that we must take into account for the NFT Play To earn game, such as MilkPower and its importance in the construction of strategies to be a profitable farmer with a sustainable business within our NFT cattle game.
Join our discord server and participate in all the activities, find out about CashCow news and enjoy exclusive tools from our server.:

Gleam Airdrop Winners.

We are very pleased to announce the results with the winners of the airdrop where we raffle 10 NFTs Happy Cows and 500.000 $MILK in prizes for the participants, you can check the list of winners in the following link:

Roadmap development


▪️Goal: 10K holders ➡️
▪️Goal: 10K Twitter’s Followers ✅
▪️Goal: 10K Members on Telegram ✅
▪️Goal: 10M MarketCap ➡️
▪️Audited by Certik
▪️Partnerships ✅➡️
▪️Launch of $COW staking feature ✅
▪️Launch of CashCow NFT Art Collection ✅
▪️Launch of CashCow NFT Marketplace ✅
▪️Launch of CashCow NFT staking feature ➡️
▪️Start development of CashCow Farm Game ➡️
▪️Reach out to big YouTube channels and more influencer marketing ✅➡️

CashCow Protocol among the safest projects of Binance Smart Chain

The audit carried out by Certik has had excellent results, we are among the safest projects in the entire Binance Smart Chain thanks to the exhaustive verification of our smart contracts.

CashCow Protocol is a project that was born from the community and that has achieved all these advances thanks to the community and the trust placed in the development and progress of our roadmap, we are getting closer to the launch of the game and this news is tremendously relevant regarding to the peace of mind that we offer to investors who want to participate in any aspect of our protocol, in our Dapp, in the game, buying NFTs, buying $COW and $MILK and in all aspects of the protocol where we will always work to offer high standards of security.

NFT Marketplace

The opportunity to buy our Happy Cows NFTs collection is still open, there are 453 boxes left to sell and they are the last opportunity to access the purchase of Rare NFTs packages for our NFT Play To earn game, you can also stake to generate $MILK token within of our Dapp.

Happy Cows grant you the title of rare member of the CashCow community, in addition, each NFT grants the possibility to buy 3 NFT packs in the pre-sale for the launch of the Play To earn game.

For every Happy Cow you have you can buy a rare, an uncommon and a common pack that you can play with to produce $MILK token in the game, get yours before they run out. [LINK]

Growth Campaign

We continue to recruit community members to work at CashCow Protocol, we need a variety of skills that you can find out in the link below, do not forget to apply.


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